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Compulsive Lying in Adults

Lo-Lo started this conversation

                             COMPULSIVE LYING IN ADULTS


Compulsive lying is a state, wherein the person lies constantly with no reason at all.  This continues even when the person is faced with the truth or reality, thereby dening the fact that he lied.  Moreover, if you ask the person the reason for lying, he will be completely unaware of his behavior.  Compulsive lying is seen in children as well as in adults.  It is a kind of disorder, which is at times associated with low serotonin levels, even seen in impulsivity, making the person more prone to lying.  However, there are no definite reasons known for the occurrence of compulsive lying.  As a result, for an adult compulsive liar, lying leads to more lying.  Some of the common signs and symptoms of compulsive lying are given below:



1.  Compulsive liars lie on a regular basis, as it becomes a habit, they practice all the time.

2.  Compulsive liars are quite skilled at the art of lying and do it with immense confidence.

3.  A compulsive liar lies about anything and everything.  Small and insignificnt things or petty issues, it does not make any difference to them.

4.  Compulsive liars do not have a reason for lying and do not indulge in the activity to manipulate others.

5.  Compulsive liars might at times suffer from poor self esteem.  In effect, they might try to gain importance in certain situations.

6.  Compulsive liars do not even realize that they are lying as it comes so naturally to them.  On enquiry, they blatantly deny their behavior.

7.  They cannot even stay consistent with their lies as they themselves get confused, owing to the amount of stories they have told to different people.


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truthbetold77   in reply to Lo-Lo
I would like to add its like a demonic force within the person and is set on cruise control to this behavior the enemy is the greatest of all liars rebuke that evil!
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 in response to Poor does not mean stupid...   First of all i would pray heavily about it and ask others to pray for you as well. I will definitely keep you in my prayers. It took me 20 years to wait on my answer to leave and it finally came. Yes i have plenty of patience. But the stress almost killed me. I wish you the best in whatever you decide to do. Take care and God Bless.
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Poor does not mean stupid
I have lived with a compulsive liar for 17 years and am at the end of my rope I know he will never change. I have always known this. Yet I continued to stay with him through all these years he lies over the stupidest things . Then of course denies the lie even if I have the proof right in his face. I am contemplating leaving him I am just so tired of the games its like living with a kindergarter. Any advice?
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 in response to positive thoughts...   

Yes it can be hard but that is why you can't let yourself feed into it or take them seriously.  Just pray for them if they don't seek help.  Just pray for them anyway.  Thanks for sharing.  This is a hard subject for alot of people who deal with liars on a constant basis.

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positive thoughts

Hi, it is a difficult thing to do.  I have done the same when it came to my ex sister-inlaw.  It is hard for them to seek help for they have no idea that they are like this.  I would like to thankyou for replying

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 in response to positive thoughts...   

One thing not mentioned here is that the disease of

ADDICTION goes hand and hand with compulsive lying.

Unfortunately, I've had quite a few friends through

the years that were addicts and accordingly,

compulsive lying was a quite significant condition.

There is nothing you can do to help them overcome

this and they can only begin to overcome it by

obtaining professional help with the addiction first.

I was forced to close those chapters in my life

as there is no room in my life for the perpetual

deceit that goes with the territory.  It saddened

me but self preservation comes first.



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positive thoughts

I agree with this for my ex sister-in-law is exactly like this.  The only one she is really hurting is herself.  She does not even realize she does this for everything she says she believes it to be true.  This to me is very sad.  Thankyou for sharing this.

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